One thought on “March 3, 2019

  1. words:  “Lord, what you ask of me is too much.”  “That’s not fair.” “My way is better.”  The list is endless; and so often they are just another way of saying, Non serviam, “I will not serve”—the words not of our Lady, but of Lucifer.  Our life as Christians can be modeled either on our Blessed Mother, foreshadowing eternal life in heaven, where the word Fiat is found on the lips of all, or it can be a living hell—one of wailing and grinding of teeth, one full of those words chanted in hell, Non serviam—“I will not serve.”   Thanks be to God our Blessed Mother did not shake off the command of her Divine Master.  Where would we be now if the Blessed Virgin’s response to God’s command was not Fiat? Let us pray for the grace at this Holy Mass to imitate our Lady in her most noble act, in her humble act of obedience.  And if we cast off all pride and fear, if we imitate Our Lady, if we respond to everything which God asks of us with the word Fiat, then we too will bring the Word into the world and into our hearts.  

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