222.1 km total walked on #prayerwalk

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Why are we doing this?

Processions are a tradition of our Catholic faith, and a witness to the world of prayer and devotion.  The Solemnity of Corpus Christi is coming up on June 14th, a traditional time to make a Eucharistic Procession through the streets so that Christ may be made known, seen publicly, and His power may be proclaimed by His presence.  Fr. Tom and Fr. Steve have decided to make a Procession with the Blessed Sacrament on that day, and while we cannot bring the faithful with us in procession, we are inviting you to make your own procession in solidarity, to pray for the conversion and healing of those in your local area.  When the Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles at Pentecost, they were moved in the power of the Spirit to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord and to make Jesus known to the ends of the earth.  Now that we have just celebrated Pentecost, it is especially fitting in this broken world that we do the same, so that the world be moved to repentance, and to seeing the witness of Christ in God’s people.

So what do I do?

Between now and June 14th, go out for a walk and pray a rosary, chaplet, or prayer of your choice for the conversion of your town, and listen to the Holy Spirit for any opportunities He may provide on your walk.  While you are a silent witness in prayer, God may give you an opportunity to evangelize, so listen to what He may ask of you.
Share your experiences on social media, and use the hashtag #prayerwalk and tag us at St. Michael’s Parish on Facebook or Instagram. Let us know how many kilometers you’ve walked in prayer over these next two weeks, and we will add it to a total that will be shared on this page, along with the many posts have been shared as an encouragement for everyone, so that by Corpus Christi we will see how far everyone has walked together in prayer.  Yes you can go out as many times as you like, in fact, this is encouraged!

#prayerwalk shares:

Here we will post your stories!  Share to social media (and tag us to let us know) or email us with your experiences and we’ll post them here!  Even if you don’t have a story to share, be sure to let us know the distance you walked while praying.